A Joy Filled Life

A Joy Filled Life Study Guide Lesson 4: Do the Right Thing!

We all face situations that challenge our commitment to integrity! Chapter 4 of A Joy Filled Life, Do the Right Thing, explores how we stand firm in our character, no matter what may come our way! Don’t forget to download the book study guide on this website and follow along with the discussion questions and action items!

A Joy Filled Life Study Guide Lesson 3: Find Your Voice

Each of us has a God-given gift with which we can enrich the world in our own unique way. The key is finding out what it is you are passionate about!

A Joy Filled Life Study Guide Lesson 2: Follow Your Dreams

I am living proof that you simply can’t have dreams too big if you’re willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to see them take flight! As a little girl on that dusty tenant farm, my dreams took shape and now, decades later, I am STILL dreaming and still seeing the joy that comes from tenacity and a never-give-up attitude!

A Joy Filled Life Study Guide Lesson 1: Build a Foundation

The first of my book study videos to accompany the A Joy Filled Life Book Study Guide. All ten are available to view on this website! Chose the "A Joy Filled Life" category on the video drop down menu.

A Joy Filled Life Study Guide Intro

This video series was created to accompany my A Joy Filled Life Study Guide! I hope that hearing the lessons will give you opportunities to continue discussions with your book study group. If you are working through the book as a personal study, I know that these videos to help you engage with the lessons I have to share!! Please feel free to share these videos (and the study guide worksheets, found on this website!) with friends and family and anyone you know who has read the book and wants to take these life lessons to a deeper level. Thank you for beginning your journey with me!

A Joy Filled Life at Mardel Bookstore, Oklahoma City

A special evening "Meet the Author" presentation of A Joy Filled Life at Mardel Bookstore in Oklahoma City.