Famous Mentors: Luther and Colin Powell

The relationship between Colin Powell and his father Luther Powell is an incredible example of the power of parents in a child’s life! #MorningsWithMo #Mentorship #Character #Inspiration

Character Core Interview: Honesty

I was recently interviewed for Character Core Magazine and I’m happy to share the video portion of that interview with you all! Character Core Magazine is a publication of Strata Leadership, LLC. This monthly magazine features insightful articles and interviews with leaders who embody the featured character quality through their occupations and actions. Subscribers are provided with a valuable resource to learn and discuss with others about leadership and integrity at home and in the workplace. To learn more about Character Core Magazine, visit

Famous Mentors: Tom Hanks

Teachers matter! This morning I share the story of Tom Hanks, and the mentor who changed his life! #MorningsWithMo #Mentorship #Character #Inspiration #Teachers

Qualities of Character: Trust

sstCharacter is in often in short supply and learning to trust is a tough task when leaders lack the character required to inspire it. #MorningsWithMo #Character #Leadership

Qualities of Character: Attitude

It's all about your attitude, your outlook and your state of mind. Jerry's story has a powerful lesson to be learned and I invite you to listen in and take a close look at the way you chose to see your situation and circumstance! #MorningsWithMo #Inspiration #Character

Courage part 2

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