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Choosing Character

Have you ever caught yourself thinking or even saying to someone, “Yes, it was definitely out of character for me.” Hopefully, what you truly meant was that a specific decision or action (choosing a color you don’t usually wear, trying a new trend, or a different technique, etc.) resulted in your stepping “out of your comfort zone” and actually had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with your core values or character.

While taking the initiative and courage to step out of our comfort zone often serves as a favorable personal and professional course of action; abandoning our true character for even an instant can be catastrophic for us personally as well as for the many others in our lives. Why? Because it betrays who we are born to be, pulls us ‘off course’ and prevents us from sharing our powerfully positive impact with those around us.

Make no mistake about it; we can indeed make a difference in our world! An abundant number of significant opportunities daily bless our lives and give us openings to exercise our character by serving our fellow human beings with kindness, caring and integrity. The open doors to these opportunities are before us – with their only requirement being that we are vigilant about watching for them and once noticed, that we choose to take action as a direct reflection of our life’s core values.

The choice is always ours and I pray that we each choose “staying in character”.

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