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Faithful Mentors

By Jim Riley

My wife Robin and I have had the blessing and privilege to consider Mo Anderson among our dearest of friends for many years. I can wholeheartedly say that she is the embodiment of what faith, generosity, hard work and vision can accomplish. To those who are blessed by Mo’s presence in their lives, she, along with her husband Richard, has inspired faith, purpose and direction. This has been accomplished through skilled mentorship. For Robin and me, that mentorship has broadened our culture, stimulated our political awareness, motivated our passions and created many, many fond memories along the way. Mo Anderson has demonstrated by the way she lives that mentoring has always been the signature of her life’s journey.


Robin and I were introduced to the Andersons at a time when our non-profit, Jim Riley Outreach, Inc., was in great need. Not only did our organization need financial support through contributions, it also needed growth through leadership at a higher level and exposure to the public it serves. Throughout the years Richard and Mo have financially made it possible for us to help thousands of men, women and their families find Christ and recover from severe addictions. In addition, Mo’s dedicated mentorship and her willingness to generously impart leadership training, life lessons, and “Quantum Leap” teachings have been used to counsel and heal the people in our support groups.


Ours is just one of many organizations to which Mo and Richard donate their time, energy, finances and their home. Their beautiful estate in Oklahoma was built to serve the community. By continuously opening it to hundreds of organizations, it has fulfilled the Andersons’ vision of God’s home, used for His purpose. And in this way, they are mentoring others by example in the areas of leadership, generosity, charity, and the obligation we each have to bless others to the degree that God blesses us.


Mentorship through a passion and dedication for “doing the right thing,” along with a strong devotion to putting “God and family before business” will most certainly be huge components of the legacy that Mo will leave for generations to come. As a couple, Richard and Mo share a passion to change the world as living examples of these values. They are truly beacons of God’s light in our world and greatly bless the lives of those they touch. Robin and I will always be filled with gratitude for the love they share, the Godly wisdom they impart and the life model they exemplify.



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