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Integrity Always!

Integrity – doing the right thing – is a matter of good character.  Make no mistake, this is not a ‘sometimes’ or ‘if it fits’ guideline; integrity is the very core, the essence of who we are – as individuals and is the evidence of the character by which we make our daily decisions about right or wrong.

As a business leader, I observed countless opportunities – day to day decisions made by business owners, staff members, and employees – in which they faced issues that tested integrity.  While I have been thrilled on a daily basis with reports of loving compassion shown by those wise business associates, I have also been equally dismayed by reports of less-than-fair incidents.  In every case, regardless of the circumstances, the guideline is clear – act with integrity, it builds trust – it is simply the right thing to do!

One story comes immediately to mind.  A real estate colleague, fairly new to the business, listed a home for his clients.  After some time, when the property did not receive any offers, my colleague offered to purchase the home from his clients so he could use it as an investment property.  Right after the clients accepted his offer, another real estate agent working with a competing firm brought a better offer to the table.

So, what was my colleague to do?  Legally, his was the first contract and he had no obligation to inform his clients of the better offer!  However, is this the right thing to do?  Acting with impeccable integrity, my colleague rescinded his own offer, bringing the contract with greater return to his clients.

My dear friends, I know your hearts and they are good!   I am continually touched by the knowledge that you always aspire to do the right thing and exemplify the highest possible professional and personal ethical standards.

I urge and even challenge you to commit to following the correct path.  Let integrity guide you and powerfully impact the world around you!

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