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Personal Growth

Life Counter – Balance


Are you taking good care of yourself – spiritually, physically and emotionally?


If having a servant’s heart – a deep desire to always “be there” for others – flows naturally from you, realistically there are pitfalls that you must consciously acknowledge and work hard at avoiding. Are you the person who constantly and enthusiastically helps others reach their goals, who compassionately shares your listening ear and unceasingly offers caring encouragement and support? Are you seemingly “all things to all people”? To those on the receiving end of your many kindnesses, sincere gratitude is mixed with wonderment that both your physical and emotional energies seem never-ending. And clearly, you are genuinely loved for this amazing personality trait.


However, I am earnestly concerned that prolonged continuation of untiringly serving others, might lead to neglecting one’s own well-being. This can result in diminishing energy that in turn negatively affects our attitude and can also be harmful to our overall health.


Attaining life counter-balance is not simple. It requires discipline and often moving out of our “personality comfort zone”. Because I care so deeply for family, friends and those around me, I urge everyone to take seriously and apply to your lives the principles of “God first, family next and then business”. Taking specific time for yourself to grow in your spiritual journey, making meaningful family memories, enjoying a particular hobby or simply quietly relax are invaluable gifts that you actually OWE yourself! The end result will be a more counter-balanced life, a happier you and a replenishment of energy that will allow your light to shine brightly in all arenas of your life!


The world today would be very dismal without the “Energizer Bunnies” that carry us to new heights, the anchors in the midst of our professional and/or personal storms, the strongest of threads that knit us together when everything around us is unraveling, the continual joy-givers in so many of our lives.   In short, we simply could not live without you.


However, regardless of our basic personality, taking good care of ourselves is a responsibility we all share, but often overlook. If we were to be more diligent in this endeavor, then each of us would have the energy it takes to reach out and lift up one another, thus making our world a better place for everyone. We could be spouses who take the initiative in creating precious memories to share; parents who are actually active in their children’s lives; friends who take the time to care in both good and bad times; professionals who help a fellow team member achieve their goals. In short, we would all flourish! And the legacies that we would leave would be remarkable and long-lasting ones!


You are worth the TLC a counter-balanced life provides and I pray that you will make this a priority in your life!




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