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By Mo Anderson


I received a beautiful letter from a colleague, Jen Mains, which made me think of the many miracles we witness in life every day. Jen and I have something in common – we both lost our homes to fire. Often, when faced with tragedy and tribulation, life’s little miracles are like a dusting of diamonds across an otherwise inky black landscape.

Jen writes:

Dear Mo, 

My family and I are truly humbled and deeply touched by the overwhelming expression of love and support from you and our KW family.  While it is true we have lost almost all of our earthly possessions, God’s hand protected my husband and our children from a most certain death had things gone differently.  He is a good and faithful God. 

Sometimes it does seem silly to mourn a physical structure, yet our home was such an integral piece of our family’s history.  My grandpa and grandma built our home in 1937 and raised all of my aunts and uncles there.  My Dad and Mom purchased the home from my grandparents and raised me and my brothers there.  Jim and I purchased the home from my parents and raised our four children there.  Our home was the gathering place for generations of youth growing up in our church because my Grandpa was the Sunday School Superintendent and my Dad was a Youth Pastor and Pastor for several years.  People from Thailand, New York, California, Texas – you name it – they all spent their teenage years in our home.  We have received messages from all over the world of folks grieving our loss along with us.  It was a modest home; the walls weren’t straight and the floors uneven, but it would be packed wall to wall with kids every weekend. 

Through this horrible tragedy, we have witnessed so many miracles.  Most importantly, Jim and our kids making it out of the home alive.  I was at the Market Center when I received the call from my daughter as they were running away from the fire.  Knowing they were safe, my prayer as I raced home was that God would please spare two items; my Dad’s Bible and his Sermon notes.  My Dad was also my Pastor and, after fighting a valiant battle, lost his life to Pancreatic Cancer on February 17th, 2012.  His Bible and his notes were most precious items to me.  By reading his notes, I could still hear his voice in my heart…many of them were scratched out on random pieces of paper or napkins, but they were his most intimate thoughts and God’s voice speaking through Him to comfort, calm, inspire, instruct and lead people. 

 As the night drew on and we realized our home would most likely not survive the fire, the Fire Captain came to give us an update.  When he asked if there was anything he could do, I asked if he would retrieve my Dad’s Bible.  He went back into the fire and, after 30 minutes or so, returned it to me completely intact – not even singed inside.  The cover was singed, but the zipper was not melted and the pages were not burned.  Needless to say, emotions and gratitude overcame us all. 

On Tuesday morning, we returned to our home.  We were escorted by the fire chief and insurance people.  I had asked if we could please go into our master bedroom and search for my Dad’s sermon notes.  I had hidden them under my bed a few months back to keep them out of the way and safe.  Wouldn’t you know it, there safely tucked under my bed in a cardboard box – not burned or even singed – were my Dad’s sermons.  They smell of smoke, but they are all in one piece and safe.  Our bed and all the coverings were melted or burned beyond recognition.  But a cardboard box filled with papers was perfectly fine underneath.  God cares about even our smallest requests.  He knew how precious those things were to me and showed mercy by miraculously saving them because He loves me THAT much.  My eyes still fill with tears as I think of how gracious and compassionate He is towards me. 

The expression of love from friends and family, including our KW family, has been more than overwhelming.  I cannot adequately convey how deeply touched my entire family has been by the outpouring of support we have received.  We see and hear stories of our KW Culture in action, but you just don’t truly know the impact it makes on people until you have the ‘opportunity’ to experience it.  Although I wouldn’t wish losing a home to fire on anyone, I am so grateful to have an army of leaders standing behind me and supporting me through KW Cares and other donations.  Agents at other companies cannot begin to imagine the genuine love and united concern we have for each other.  I am forever changed by the kindness shown to my children, husband and me by our amazing company. 

Thank you for leading us, guiding us, inspiring us and challenging us to be better leaders, better business owners, better Moms and Dads, better spouses…to be the very best we can be.  I love you Mo…my heart is full. 

God Bless you with Love,


In every life, there will be loss, suffering, and heartache. However, the blessings we receive in the form of little miracles are the golden gems of positivity that can fill our memories and hearts when we look upon tragedy with the gift of hindsight. The little miracles keep us moving forward – up and over the hurdles we encounter. May today be filled with little miracles for you.

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