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New Year / New Day

It was around my 50th New Year’s celebration that I actually got it. As I was entering my life’s second half, I realized that this annual exercise of making resolutions, possibly breaking resolutions, and doing it all over again the next year was a luxury that was not going to go on forever.

I realized that I needed to get far more purposeful than I ever had before about what I wanted my life to be. I determined that every day that lie before me in the year ahead was going to be precious beyond measure.  Every single day.

New Year’s Resolutions are good. Writing a letter to oneself on the first of the year, to be opened on December 31, congratulating oneself on achieving, becoming, doing and giving all that you planned is better. What’s best is knowing and believing at your very core that every day is a gift to be treasured. Every day is a new beginning, an opportunity to serve as a channel of God’s love,  to motivate, to mend, to break free of old patterns and to step in the right direction of making dreams come true.

Just as simple acts of kindness are never simple, with ripple effects that might be felt far beyond our view, the same is true for the actions we take today.

At 50, Keller Williams Realty was barely on my radar screen. I had accomplished great things with my Century 21 office in Edmond, Okla., and had every reason to believe that there was a bright future ahead.  Gary Keller approached me about this fledgling company based in Austin, Texas, and I saw an opportunity to create something new – to bring to life my vision about the higher purpose of business.

Every day since has posed new challenges, new opportunities, and new surprises, and that’s exactly what today holds for me and for you.

Let’s resolve to approach it with grace, dignity and a determination to do the right thing with a true conviction that it’s today that matters.

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