Sample Keynote Presentation Topics

In addition of decades as an keynote speaker and influential leader for tens of thousands as CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board for Keller Williams International Realty, Mo Anderson is nationally esteemed as a featured speaker for business, corporate, faith-based and University events. The Yale University MBA Believers in Business Conference, Real Estate National Prayer Breakfast and General Tommy Franks Four Star Leadership Conference to name a few, Mo is also in the midst of a nationwide book tour for her autobiography A Joy Filled Life.

The following topics are Mo’s most popular, but she is happy to tailor the presentation to meet the needs of your group and the goal of your event. To schedule Mo or to obtain additional information, please complete the speaking request form in detail.

12 Habits that Build a Leadership Legacy

How are you leaving a legacy through your leadership?  Whether you are a corporate Executive, the supervisor of a team, a civic leader in your community, a school teacher, a parent, or a grandparent – your leadership matters!  Learn how to rise up to the challenge to Leave a Legacy with Mo Anderson.  As a former school public school teacher and the first CEO of Keller Williams Realty, now Vice Chairman of the Board, Mo Anderson has been on purpose to leave a legacy through her leadership.  She teaches the 12 habits that can help anyone to build their own life legacy.  Mo will guide you to:

·       Set High Standards

·       Create Mission and Vision

·       Earn Respect and Loyalty

·       Build a culture

Standards of Leadership

Can you articulate your business and personal standards?  Known at times as the “Velvet Hammer” for her uncompromising values and standards, Mo’s astute business acumen and leadership abilities are uniquely matched by her faith and compassion.  As the first CEO and now Vice Chairman of the Board, she has continuously cultivated the Keller Williams value system, inspiring associates across the globe to maintain high standards of character within both their personal and professional lives.

Seven Pillars of a Joy-Filled Life

Drawing from life lessons learned growing up on a tenant farm in Western Oklahoma, Mo shares the pillars that have shaped her life, work and family. With timeless truths, humorous anecdotes and inspiring real-life principles, Mo connects with her audiences by authentically sharing the foundations upon which her life is based…honoring your word, cultivating relationships, choosing integrity and setting high standards. Audiences of all sizes and backgrounds will be inspired by the content of this presentation and will be motivated to implement the principles into their own lives.

Building a Value-Based Culture

From her experience as an educator, to her present leadership role at Keller Williams International, Mo knows how important a value-based culture can be in today’s world. With insight, she walks business leaders through the important process needed to implement a value-based culture, whether in a faith-based business or secular organization. Mo highlights the importance of developing a mission, vision, values and beliefs, integrating standards, setting high expectations and accountability, maximizing spheres of influence, and respecting differences while attracting likeminded individuals. Mo challenges leaders from all sectors to create an environment in which people not only do their best work, but become their best selves.

Quantum Leap

Are you ready to take a Quantum Leap that propels your business or your personal life to then next level of achievement?  Join Mo Anderson, first CEO and current Vice-Chairman of the Board of Keller Williams Realty to take a deep look at power principles that can help you all achieve a more abundant life.

·       Quantum Leap will maximize your potential with purpose and direction.

·       Quantum Leap has been created with one very focused intention: to invite you to explore the possibility that your life can be so much more than it is today.

·       Quantum Leap is an open invitation to you to rethink your views on how you see yourself and how you live your life.

·       Quantum Leap is a challenge to open your mind and heart to the the thoughts, disciplines, and relationships you might need to embrace – in order to fully realize the unique and incredible you.

Leaving a Legacy

Most of us desire to leave a lasting imprint – to know our life matters, impacts others in a positive way that makes a difference. But how do we define what our legacy will be? How do we stay focused on what is meaningful and stands the tests of time? Mo Anderson has spent a lifetime defining how to leave a legacy, while embracing the future and pursuing a life of learning. Her inspiring message will lead the audience to understand how to live a life of generosity that creates a ripple effect for good and changes the world one moment, one person at a time.