Mo Anderson joined Keller Williams Realty International as President and Chief Executive Officer in 1995, and shepherded the company from 35 market centers to more than 530 within 10 years. Mo’s astute business acumen and leadership abilities are uniquely matched by her faith and compassion and she has continuously cultivated the firm’s value system, inspiring tens of thousands of associates throughout North America to maintain high standards of character within both their personal and professional lives.

Mo’s respect and renown as a business leader has reached far beyond the real estate industry.  In 2007, she addressed MBA students at the Yale School of Management twice – first as a guest speaker in for the second annual Yale MBA Christian Conference, entitled: MBAs, Money & Meaning? Finding Purpose and Value in Your Work, and second during a presentation of the Keller Williams Realty Case Study written by the Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. Since then, Mo has been a sought-after speaker throughout North America, most recently returning as a keynote speaker at the 2016 Yale MBA Christian Conference, the 2017 Real Estate Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC and at the inaugural Ravi Zacharias Institute Believers in Business Conference, both in 2017.

Additionally, Mo’s autobiography, A Joy Filled Life, has served as the catalyst for a multi-year book tour, where Mo has presented her “Seven Pillars of a Joy Filled Life” to audiences ranging from book clubs to church women’s retreats to corporate events. Corporately, she continues to host the Inspirational Breakfast at Keller Williams Realty’s Family Reunion to an audience exceeding 15,000: a celebration of Keller Williams’ culture and commitment to community service, as well as the annual Culture Summit, which is dedicated to recognizing individuals who carry the torch of the company’s culture.  In 2014, Mo launched (formerly an online community through which she shares leadership principles and the belief that the higher purpose of business is to give, care, and share, Mo encourages every member of the community to pay it forward by mentoring others using her library of resources.

With tenacious determination, she is committed to reinventing herself as a contributor to others and the world during each new decade of life. At 80 years young, Mo Anderson continues as the beloved, shining star of Keller Williams Realty, leading and nurturing the company’s culture for a new era.


“It was a great pleasure meeting you! I knew this was going to be a great experience for me but that was such an understatement. I felt you were speaking directly to me the entire time as you hit on all my weaknesses and gave me a path and direction to correct them. I could have spent several more days listening and learning from you. Thank you so much for your time. You are a beautiful woman, inside and out.”

~ Ellyn

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you. If anyone hasn’t told you today you are absolutely fantastic. I heard your session on standards and leadership and you made me completely re-evaluate the way I run my team and what I am going to expect in the future. I was fortunate to get 3 copies of your book, of course autographed. I gave two to my daughters and one that I am halfway through. Your book and your story are already having an impact on my family and I must thank you.”

~ Mark

“This powerful woman leader has forever impacted my life in more ways than she will ever know. I love everything about her and what she stands for. Her energy, work ethic, grit, and brilliant mind for pioneering the real estate industry paved the way for millions of people. Her passion for people and relationships while holding standards at the highest level is something to admire. From the first time I met Mo at my first Family Reunion when I was not with KW, she inspired me.”

~ Raquel

“What an honor to spend the day with Mo Anderson! This woman has been a mentor to me and so many thousands and thousands of people and we can never learn enough from this legend!!!”

~ Melanie

“I so enjoyed watching and as always wrote down so many lessons from it as you continue to pour into us and inspire us. As I soon enter my 60’s I am continuing to be empowered by your words, stories and passion for contributions to our world and love what you said about your 70’s being the greatest. God bless you! “

~ Usha

“Thank you for these wonderful words of wisdom to our college-bound students. I believe every college campus should have your book  A Joy Filled Life as part of their curriculum. Without a doubt it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. God bless you for all you do.”

~ Jan

“Mo, you are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for your contribution to the world and especially KW, you make each of us better. One leadership skill I have always believe in and you definitely exhibit is ‘set the example’. You set the example every day for each of us. Thank you for your leadership. You are most worthy of this recognition.”

~ Doug

Mo,  I am proud to be in business with such a wonderful role model. Many of my clients hear some of your stories or thoughts as we travel through the days finding their home. You have inspired me to become a better person with each passing day and I am proud to be from Oklahoma just like you! Bravo Mo, Bravo!

~ Donna

“What a REAL and needed message for all generations to hear!! Our kids and even some adults need to hear this as there is a belief that everything these days need to be “baby-proofed”! I fell- and bled and learned the hard way and I appreciate it because it taught me how to feel what to avoid and not repeat! Thank you! I would love to share this!”

~ Kristine

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